So I wanted to start this blog to express a part of me that I often keep hidden inside and that is my love for emotional freedom, uplifting life styles and the opportunity to find a modern kind of enlightenment. But often like any good Idea I had the right content, positive motivations and the support I needed, but I was missing something. But I couldn’t give up on my moment of inspiration that was provided by an interest for numbers (as you will see). I continued to go ahead writing down my experiences on a word document until I found that correct piece of me that was just beyond my vibration. Kindly, I was given a solution the night of my last post that I had wanted to write for my first experiment, it was the name of my blog.

Natalia Tree is my symbol of reaching to the heavens for guidance but staying connected to our modern world with roots that ground me. The branches that stretch out in many directions seeking the perfect position to grow sturdy and active. The leaves so willing to flow to the breeze of reality, accepting the circle of life with every season that comes to pass, the sway in the wind that shows its vulnerability even if it stand so strong. This is my story as I take the steps on many different paths as I blossom.

So with this wonderful possibility I start here.You may notice that the dates in the beginning are obviously slightly wrong, but I hope you will enjoy my daily recap of the last few days.

Sweet singing birds to you.