Have you ever woken up in the morning to hear a bird singing a rhythmic song or even just to hear them chirping and exchanging sounds because a new day is here. I love this sound particularly after a long winter and the days start to warm up and the birds all come out to play it is just lovely. The list is never-ending when you read about all the breeds that actually fall under “Singing bird” but I like the diversity and power that they all have. When I was young I would dream of flying home from school I would feel my feet lift off the ground and my body become weightless, it seemed so peaceful. Singing birds are used in religious descriptions because they give the idea of happiness and freedom. A disciple once described paradise to Buddha saying;

“There is in the West a Paradisian country called the Holy Land, exquisitely adorned with gold and silver and precious gems. There are pure waters with golden sands, surrounded by pleasant walks covered with large lotus flowers. Joyous music is heard, and flowers rain down three times a day. There are singing birds whose harmonious notes proclaim the praises of religion and in the minds of those who listen to their sweet sounds, remembrance arises of the Buddha, the law and the brotherhood. No evil birth is possible there, and even the name of hell is unknown. He who fervently and with a pious mind repeats the words ‘Amitabha Buddha’ will be transformed to the happy region of this holy land, and when death draws near, Buddha with His saintly followers will stand before him, and there will be perfect tranquility.”

There are many bird totems and the more I read about them the more I liked the significance and how relevant it was for Natalia Tree. The hummingbird reminds us to appreciate the sweetness life offers every day. It encourages us to “Stop and Smell the Roses”. It is time to slow down and enjoy the beauty around us. We need to hold our noses deeper inside the flowers and inhale the fragrances of its glorious nectar. Life always offers joy and sweetness, you just need to take the time to breathe it in. The mockingbird is all about finding your sacred song and the power of your voice. Mockingbirds want you to know your inner talent and to act on it without fear as you walk on your path, know it is harmonious if you use your creativity and intuition.

Birds have always played a big role in folklore and human culture, the mythology symbols and spirituality around them goes beyond just there good looks. In Christianity the most well-known is obviously the dove, symbolizing peace, faith, innocence and the Holy Spirit. The mythological bird, the phoenix symbolizes resurrection and eternity. According to legend, every 500 years the phoenix would feel its life coming to an end so it would build a nest of myrrh and frankincense. Then the phoenix would set the nest ablaze and be consumed by the flames, only to be reborn again three days later. In Hinduism the peacock’s beauty is said to be a gift from the god Indra the ruler of the heavens also in Buddhism the peacock symbolizes overcoming desires and attachments in order to reach wise, discriminating awareness. In many Native American cultures, the bald eagle is considered a spiritual messenger between the Creator and humans. Eagle feathers are often considered symbols of honor, healing or fertility and are commonly used in traditional spiritual ceremonies. From my home land Australia the aboriginal cultures use the kookaburra as a symbol for ideas, creativity and laughter. The owl symbolizes intuition and wisdom, but can also be considered an ill omen signifying death. Birds can also bring messages, so watch and take notice if one of them keeps popping up.

Now you know when I wish you sweet beautiful peaceful and playful singing birds I want and hope to do, is fill you with all you need freedom, courage, joy and a feeling of new beginnings.