I had the wonderful experience of going to a concert of a (in my opinion) amazing Pianist. His name is Ludovico Einaudi who is currently on tour in Europe. For me the sound of a piano touches my heart very easily and he has a way of playing that can soothe my soul, so seeing him in real life was a gift.

Ludovico Einaudi

On stage he had a small orchestra that played magnificently and as I watch and felt the music build and my eyes filled with warm tears I realized how beautiful it all looked. When you see someone play the violin in such an immaculate way that they all move in synchrony – They are so powerful and focused. The deep stomach rumbling sound of the cello in the dark theater keeps you deep in the moment and the hands that so simply move pressing those white and black keys, gives the idea that even keeping something simple can create a world of wonder.

For that one song or piece, those talented musicians had a purpose, they had meaning. They were weightless to me floating in an ibis that would be remembered, at least by me, forever. It made me want That, I wanted to feel and be that dedicated in my world. I want my life to play so fluidly that even the hiccups or missed cord, only gives more character to the song we are dancing to. It made me remember what is important and what to keep close and not to let life pass by in that fast flowing time-lapse that routine can often create.

Happy Saint Valentine,


Natalia Tree