“Sometimes I want to fall inside a song as if it is an ocean of sound. I want to sink down until the light of the sky shines down like a soulful voice and the darkness of the abyss below pulls you further in with the beat. I want to be floating lost in the endless rhythm until I am nothing but a vibration, an extension of that echo. Just another wave rolling, resonating in a liquid universe of music.” – Me

When I received my two year little trophy from WordPress it got me thinking of how I have changed and what I am doing now compared to 2012 and I wanted to share my small but sweet achievements with my blog and the people that pass by it while searching for something that someone once said.

July is 9 months that I am working for a publishing house and as if I have given birth to twins, this month in particular for my writing has been a dream come true! In July 2014 my first article was published in a cooking magazine called “A Tavola” and it felt amazing I even did a happy dance in the office when I seen it, even if it is a simple interview it is something I will hold close to my heart for a long time. I learnt from it and I have to thank the encouragement from my boss and the help from my wonderful man for helping me with my Italian. Secondly this month a friend from my previous job in a record company asked me if I would like to be apart of a project and to collaborate with a singer writing a song in english, I obviously said “YES” and I finished it yesterday. As nervous and unqualified as I felt it was joyful and the smile that wouldn’t leave my face was contagious. Fingers crossed that they like it!

Running with the number two, I have also projected out into the near future a trip home to Australia after ten months of being in Italy now I can finally go see my friends and family and recharge my batteries. I have also started to write a book and found someone to walk the long process with me and it is such a breath of fresh air to have someone you trust not to lie, tell you to keep going because it will be worth it.

It has also been two year since a doctor had to tell me I would most likely have to take medicine for the rest of my life, for something I didn’t believe I had. Even if I learnt the hard way it is now one year that I have been perfectly healthy and never have had such great medical results. And as scary as it was when I felt I had lost control of my body and therefore future decisions now I am ok. It is not always about what they tell you not to do but what you truly want to do!

So I hope you have some wonderful news that I can congratulate you on!

Sweet singing birds to you all,
Natalia Tree ❤