No one ever said it would be easy. Right?
You would imagine (well I know I did) that following your dream would be easy because you are so passionate about it and it makes you happy. But it still takes work and some times that work feels like a lot because you are taking a risk to follow your dream.

Happy Earth Day!

A dream that you believe will make the difference in your life, but then you have a little voice (called ego, I’ve been told) that says well if it doesn’t and you fail you did all that work for nothing. And you listen to that voice and you fumble, hold yourself back, my favorite “procrastinate” (a lot). Then what is in front of you seems to grow into a mountain and it all gets super overwhelming and you second guess everything, obsess and if you are me get a little moody! So for myself and the preservation of sanity I made some “stick by steps” to make it all a tad easier.

My steps to following your dreams: (so far)
1. Find a support person. We all need to hear something every so often that reminds us that we are not in this alone. Tell someone you know that will understand, a phrase you  you need to hear. Make it short and straight to the point “I am here for you” – “You are ok” – “I believe in you 100%”. Yes at first it feels like they are saying it only because you told them to but after a very short time you will even search for them just so you can hear them say the words you agreed upon. The best way about doing this is making it mutual agree on two phrases, when they tell you yours you tell them theirs.

2. The kick in the butt. We all need a kick start sometimes and often that is because we are freaking about something that is blocking the way (for no real reason). So find a person, a place or a way of expressing your doubts so you can let them go. Release the fears that pop up (over and over) and then keep moving forward. For me this is a mix of writing things down and confessing my overthinking to an Aunt that listens and then Kicks me in the butt. Another way is allowing your self to feel what is upsetting you and saying “I will give this situation my focus for (set the time) a day and then I will move past it”.

3. Keep everything. Every single particular thing that inspires you save it, write it down, record it. What ever it is that brings some kind of positive vibe to you keep it in reach. These are things that one day will seem very important and if you cant find it (see step two and stop searching for it). I am a pro post it person, I have playlists, pictures, affirmations and endless favorited web pages.

4. Then comes order. This is huge for me because I did not keep my shit in order and now looking back and wanting to file everything, well what was my favorite again thats right, procrastinating! (once again see step 2). If you keep your ideas, projects, drafts in a type of order that works for you things will flow. Date everything and add details “What did draft 2 have that draft 3 doesn’t?” – “Oh look in the drafts folder, under file draft#2 I can check right now”. You get the point I imagine!

5. Bounce your ideas off someone before making them concrete. When coming up with new plans, ideas and creations it is always best to bounce the ideas off someone else. What do they think, is it really the right way to go, does it match with the original idea? Having someone to hear your brains thoughts is very freeing (sometimes not) because when you get so stuck inside your mind you can miss things, details or you may not see that you have already hit the target but you are so caught up you cant step back. Why redo something that is already next to perfect.

6. Step back and take a break. I work very hard on different sections of my dream and then I simply file them away and forget. I take a breather and start fresh on the next stepping stone and if you cant get something right, get out, take a break, go smell the flowers. I mean it literally. Do something that has nothing to do with this huge part of your self that you are investing in because it will be in that moment you will feel free to open up to new information and inspirations.

7. Trust your intuition. This is not something I am good at but it is always right, every time. When I go with that first burst of “wow” it will always be in the right direction, so stop going back and redoing a job already well done just because you said it is a rough copy.