beach getaway

Work, home and everything in between is pulling at my seams…
In Italy they have set holidays it is not like back home in Australia, it is all about summer no time off really exists outside the summer months and in particular August. So now in the end of June you can find a city like Milan strung out and on edge (just like me ) we are all holding onto sanity by a thread almost a year has pasted since you got away and the beautiful sunny days have arrived reminding you of just how close that three week break is and we are all struggling to make it through another month without smashing a work computer on the ground when the stupid server over heats again or screaming at partners, family or housemates every time they start complaining or getting on your back about something when all you can think about is jumping off the balcony and hoping to land on the beach or in some foreign country (or back home).

With irritability at an all time high for the year and road trips to the beach for the day not cutting it for you how do you stay calm and collected so you don’t tell your boss, boyfriend or mother to stick it?

I don’t know! So please if you do have an answer, I’m waiting at the bus stop of the highway to anywhere in need of direction… But what I do know is that everyone is feeling the same way.

So my plan of attack for the next 40 days until my international flight opens its gate is to take that extra breath before I react. Because that is all it takes for me to remember that everyone is having a bad day including my over worked keyboard or printer. It is hot and the city is running on empty so take a breath and consider not slamming your fist on your desk. Take a deep breath and accept that it was not a remark to piss you off but a vent from a person just as strung out as you. Take a breath and give yourself a break!

ps. Happy Summer Solstice for yesterday!